Review of Low-Dose RT for Osteoarthritis

September 1, 2022

Despite its clinical use and investigation in other countries, low dose radiotherapy (LDRT) in the treatment of osteoarthritis (OA) is minimally used in the United States (US). Numerous recent studies published outside the US have shown moderate to long-term pain relief and improvement of mobility following treatment with LDRT for joints affected by OA.

In this webcast, Dr. Austin Dove, radiation oncologist from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, reviews the most recent literature published on the use of LDRT in OA. He briefly outlines how OA impacts patients in the United States, discusses criticisms of the use of LDRT related to secondary malignancies, and highlights recommendations on dose and fractionation, energy, beam arrangements, and immobilization techniques.

You can read his recently published article, The Use of Low-Dose Radiation Therapy in Osteoarthritis: A Review, here.


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