Developing an Internal Eye Shield

March 15, 2024

In this webinar, Tom Murray of Hull University Teaching Hospitals presents on developing an internal eye shield for radiotherapy. Internal eye shields are a simple yet effective solution to protect the patient’s lenses during superficial and orthovoltage radiation therapy treatments. An internal eye shield will protect structures directly under them.

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Xstrahl is pleased to have worked with Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and the result is an affordable and effective internal eye shield for patient-specific use during radiation therapy. The eye shields are CE marked and come in four sizes. They are coated inside and out so they are smooth enough to prevent irritation to the patient’s cornea during insertion and use.

Each internal eye shield requires sterilizing prior to their first use and then after, and before each subsequent use for that patient. This simple step protects the structures and vision for each patient receiving treatment.

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