Radiation Dose Calculation Software for Non-Image Guided Irradiators: Webinar

February 23, 2024

Accurate dosimetry and reporting is the best practice in radiation research. While systems like the Xstrahl CIX series have been established as both reproducible and accurate, determining the exact dose delivered to a subject can be difficult due to the interactions of the X-rays with various tissues compared to in-air measurements. In addition, with X-rays quickly becoming the successor to gamma rays as more scientists make the switch from Caesium sources, it is vital to understand the differences between the systems and how they should be addressed for successful transfer of studies.

In this webinar, Nick Staut, MSc, CTO of SmART Scientific Solutions describes the development of the SmART-RAD dose calculation software for non-image guided irradiators and its uses. Based on a powerful Monte Carlo dose engine, SmART-RAD is an easy-to-use solution that gives users the tools to determine and understand how irradiation parameters impact the delivered dose. Nick Staut and Professor Frank Verhaegen of SmART Scientific Solutions / University of Maastricht also participated in Q&A following the presentation.

In this webinar, learn how SmART-RAD:

  • Is used to determine dose and dose-distribution in in-vitro cell irradiation
  • Can be used for setting up complex rodent models and irradiation geometries of in-vivo irradiation
  • View the advanced dose display and analysis tools for understanding X-ray parameters
  • Creates quality reporting to satisfy the requirements for funding agencies and publications

You can also explore Dosimetric validation of SmART-RAD Monte Carlo modelling for x-ray cabinet radiobiology irradiators, a recent article by Nick Staut and Frank Verhaegen, as well as Mark A Hill and James M Thompson.

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