Dermatologist Highlights RADiant Benefits

May 14, 2020

Over his career, Dr. Steven Davis, medical director of The Dermatology & Laser Center of San Antonio has performed over 25,000 skin cancer operations. While surgery is still the primary treatment, it’s not always the best option for the patient, especially people on blood thinners, with diabetes, or cancers on certain parts of the skin.

In the past, it may have taken 30 or more standard radiation treatments to treat skin cancer. Dr. Davis decided to try Xstrahl’s RADiant system, a device that enables safe and effective treatment for many skin cancers. RADiant makes it possible to treat skin conditions with 8-12 treatments lasting a couple minutes each, with very good results.

RADiant offers both Superficial Radiation Treatment (SRT) and Electronic Brachytherapy (EBT). The treatment doesn’t involve radio-isotopes, and is all delivered electronically. The treatment is different compared to what you would encounter in a radiation-oncology center. RADiant comes with a software control center that tracks the entire treatment plan.

RADiant is small, mobile, and easy to use, without needing a lot of accessories to place on the skin. Each treatment is only a minute or two long. It’s a great treatment option for patients who have bleeding or healing problems, are older, or concerned about scarring. Learn more by watching his video below.

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