Skin Cancer Patient Relieved to Get Treatment without Surgery

August 11, 2022

Carol Carman has been facing recurring skin cancer for 8 years. She has had over 30 Mohs surgeries on her face, neck, ears, arms and scalp. Over the years, she became exhausted from the side effects and increased stress the surgeries caused her body, and expressed to her nurse that she wasn’t sure she could continue getting treatment.

Thankfully, her dermatologist had recently added low-energy radiation as a treatment option with the RADiant system. Carol was ready to try an alternative to surgery, so she began radiation therapy. Her treatment experience with RADiant has been positive, with fewer side effects than surgery, less stress, and no problems in her treatment experience.

Carol wants other non-melanoma skin cancer patients to know that there are multiple treatment options available. Read her full experience in this recent post in Conquer Magazine.

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