Celebrating 25 Years of Service to Patients Worldwide

October 12, 2020

As we mark our silver anniversary, it’s a time to reflect on the amazing journey we shared with you to envision, develop, and refine solutions that deliver a meaningful impact to patient care across the world and help eradicate cancer.

The clinical application of superficial and orthovoltage radiation therapy for skin cancer and benign diseases by our customers over the past 25 years has been impressive – a testament to a network of providers across the globe who seek to support patients with the most advanced technology possible.

We are also proud to deliver groundbreaking research systems that underpin countless investigators in their journey to study radiation and its effects. Hundreds of studies have been published using Xstrahl equipment over the years, and we are humbled to be a small part of these important research initiatives.

As we celebrate our 25th year, we not only honor these accomplishments, but we also salute the incredible people who make up our team and who truly make all of these results possible.

Technology is only one piece of the puzzle. Technology isn’t spontaneous. It doesn’t have initiative. Technology can’t eradicate cancer.

We couldn’t do this without great people to inspire us. Our teams show relentless dedication to our mission to eradicate cancer. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and they are the lifeblood of Xstrahl. It’s the people of Xstrahl who will continue support our reputation of excellence in customer support, innovation and reliability.

As we look ahead toward the future, and consider both our challenges and opportunities, we also draw inspiration from all of you who are the front lines of patient care and cancer research. You are an important backbone of the company.

Whether you are delivering radiation at a patient’s bedside, in a hospital, at a mobile clinic, or in a research lab, you demonstrate time and time again that excellence is not an act, it’s a habit.

We are so proud to march ahead together with you now and for many more decades to come.

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