BACR Tumor Microenvironment conference hosts Xstrahl Life Sciences as sponsor

May 18, 2017

Xstrahl is pleased to be invited as a sponsor for BACR Tumour Microenvironment: Basic Science to Novel Therapies conference and BACR 3D Models Workshop taking place on 14 – 16 June in Nottingham, UK.

The conference will cover a wide number of topics with sessions on tumour angiogenesis, hypoxia and metabolism, stroma, cancer and the immune system and the interstitial-stem cell niche. The focus of the conference is to give a broad overview of the tumour microenvironment by discussing important topics such as those described above.

Amanda Tulk, Director, who is going to represent Xstrahl at this conference, said, “This event is a very good opportunity for the clinical research professionals to gather together and talk about tumour microenvironment related topics, share their views and experience. It is an exciting programme featuring a great number of international speakers. It is sure to be a great success.”

Find out more information about Xstrahl Life Sciences or the BACR. If you’re interested in attending the conference visit the official website.

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