AOCD 2024

April 11-14, 2024
Scottsdale, AZ, USA


The American Osteopathic College of Dermatology 2024 Spring Meeting highlights new trends in dermatology. Xstrahl is pleased to showcase Radiant™ Aura this year. With advanced features for expanded clinical use, simplified patient positioning, and additional patient comfort, Radiant Aura brings radiation therapy to NMSC patients in any dermatology office!


Learn more about treating non-melanoma skin cancer without surgery

If you can’t stop by our booth in person but want to learn more about Radiant Aura, we will have a rep reach out to you.

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Radiation Therapy is More Accessible Than You Think

Non-surgical options expand your treatment armamentarium for non-melanoma skin cancers.




You and your patients may prefer a non-invasive option

Radiant Aura expands your options for patients who are not candidates for Mohs or prefer a non-surgical approach.

If your patients keep asking, “Is there another option besides surgery?” you’ll be able to support them with Radiant Aura dual modality radiotherapy treatments. Radiant Aura could also be ideal for patients who are concerned about their appearance and routinely get dermal fillers or other cosmetic treatments and don’t want to worry about possible surgical scarring.

Radiant Aura is ideal for patients:

With a history of adverse events associated with surgery such as wound healing

With lesions located in areas that may be difficult for surgery or closure, such as the scalp
When functional deficit may be a concern such as around the mouth or back of the hands

With contraindications for surgery such as anti-coagulants