ACRO 2024

March 13-16, 2024
Orlando, FL, USA


The Radiation Oncology Summit by the American College of Radiation Oncology will allow clinicians to learn about the latest in radiation oncology and provide opportunities to network with colleagues from around the world. Xstrahl will highlight our orthovoltage radiation delivery systems.



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If you can’t stop by our booth in person but want to learn more about our radiation therapy systems, we will have a rep reach out to you.

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Radiation Therapy for Skin Cancer

While surgical approaches have historically been the standard treatment, many non-melanoma skin cancer patients are candidates for electronic brachytherapy and superficial radiation therapy. Non-invasive radiotherapy techniques may be a better choice for patients with frequently recurring disease, elderly patients, and patients with disease on the head and neck. Xstrahl has a wide range of treatment solutions, based on X-ray techniques, and can meet the superficial treatment requirements of any clinic.

Orthovoltage Radiation for Benign Disease

Orthovoltage radiation therapy is an effective treatment for painful degenerative and inflammatory diseases with few side effects. Positive results of radiation therapy treatment, most of all its symptom relief, are due to many factors including better tissue perfusion, destruction of inflammation in tissue, stimulation of the immune defense cells, neutralization of the acidic tissue and, subsequently, better inflammatory response and influence over the pain fibers of the autonomous vegetative system. Conditions including Dupuytren’s, Peyronie’s Disease, inflammatory disorders, degenerative disorders, and hypertrophic disorders can be treated with radiation therapy.