AAPM 2024

July 21-25 2024
Los Angeles, CA, USA


Visit us at booth 518! The Xstrahl 200 X-ray system delivers both superficial treatments and treatments at depth by combining the capability of orthovoltage X-ray systems with the traditional ease-of-use of superficial radiation therapy. Xstrahl 200 expands treatment options for benign indications, such as keloid scarring, Ledderhose disease, and Dupuytren’s disease, and is an excellent complement to a linear accelerator to add treatment capacity at a low cost.

Visit us to learn more about our internal eye shields – a simple yet effective solution to protect the patient’s lenses during superficial and orthovoltage radiation therapy treatments. CE marked and available in four sizes, the internal eye shields are designed to be used for applications up to and including 120kV, the typical maximum energy used to treat NMSC near the eye and its sensitive structures.

We will also showcase Radiant™ Aura, our dual modality treatment solution for dermatologists. Radiant Aura is a painless, non-surgical office-based radiation therapy treatment option for patients with non-melanoma skin cancers and keloid scarring.

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Advanced Radiation Therapy

For non-melanoma skin cancer, benign conditions, and palliative care, Xstrahl’s superficial and orthovoltage radiation therapy system can help improve the level of patient care, treatment capacity, and the range of treatment options for your patients quickly. Xstrahl’s specialized clinical solutions for radiation oncology, dermatology and veterinary medicine allow clinical teams to deliver patient-centered care, more efficiently and effectively. Chosen by leading clinicians and specialists around the world, Xstrahl’s solutions are a cost-effective route to expand care.

Learn More About Eye Shields

Xstrahl is pleased to have worked with Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and the result is an affordable and effective internal eye shield for patient-specific use during radiation therapy. The eye shields are CE marked and come in four sizes. They are coated inside and out so they are smooth enough to prevent irritation to the patient’s cornea during insertion and use.

Each internal eye shield requires sterilizing prior to their first use and then after, and before each subsequent use for that patient. This simple step protects the structures and vision for each patient receiving treatment.

Orthovoltage Radiation for Benign Disease

Orthovoltage radiation therapy is an effective treatment for painful degenerative and inflammatory diseases with few side effects. Positive results of radiation therapy treatment, most of all its symptom relief, are due to many factors including better tissue perfusion, destruction of inflammation in tissue, stimulation of the immune defense cells, neutralization of the acidic tissue and, subsequently, better inflammatory response and influence over the pain fibers of the autonomous vegetative system. Conditions including Dupuytren’s, Peyronie’s Disease, inflammatory disorders, degenerative disorders, and hypertrophic disorders can be treated with radiation therapy.

Radiant Aura

Radiant Aura™ is the smallest, office-based dual modality low energy superficial radiation therapy device for dermatology practices available on the market today. It offers non-surgical treatment options to treat non-melanoma skin cancer and keloid scarring and recently received US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) Clearance.