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  • SARRP Accessories SARRP Accessories
  • SARRP Accessories SARRP Accessories
  • SARRP Accessories SARRP Accessories

SARRP Packages

Xstrahl have been building the SARRP for 4 years. Over this time we have developed a good relationship with suppliers and machinists. This supply chain allows Xstrahl to be confident in the performance and additions to each system. 

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Variable Collimator

Xstrahl have developed a unique motorized variable collimator to allow maximum flexibility for treatment delivery.  The collimator has two symmetrical jaws with divergent edges therefor minimizing penumbra. The jaws can be varied from 0 cm x 0cm to 4cm x 8cm. There is also a field light for beam alignment. 

Gating, dosimetry and Variable Filtration

In Radiation Therapy, there are several organs that move with respiration. This makes targeting just the moving tumor with radiation difficult. To compensate, a plan is created to encompass the entire movement area. Since a lot of normal tissue is also irradiated this treatment type is not optimal.

Gating allows a user to plan the treatment with the respiratory cycle. A fiberoptic cable records the pattern of chest movement and correlates it to the movement inside the chest. A shutter will open during the part of the respiratory cycle that is chosen for treatment thereby minimizing normal tissue damage.