Xstrahl launches Xstrahl Learning Portal

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Xstrahl’s purpose is to help eradicate cancer, by helping you get the most out of your equipment as possible. We know that pioneering research needs technologically advanced systems, but the true inspiration comes from the users.
Seeing the needs of a robust assistance program, Xstrahl designed the Xstrahl learning portalhelp service, included free with all service contracts. Thanks to our expert team, with extensive knowledge of preclinical and clinical radiation practices, Xstrahelp is that extra pair of hands you need with our advanced equipment, guiding you to achieve your experimental goals.
Working with you from the very start of initial onsite training, the Xstrahl learning portalhelp team are there as your true partner in implementation. We work closely with you and your team from pre-installation, to your first experiment, and through to advanced training, optimizing and beyond. Our highly-specialized team of experts have experience in everything from project management and field service, to Cancer Biology and clinical Medical Dosimetry.
More than a training package, Xstrahl learning portalhelp is there to help you with whatever you need, how you need. Xstrahelp enables Xstrahl system users to contact a subject expert by phone, email, instant messenger, or schedule an online visit to support you achieve your aims.

Offering an unlimited support, you can:

  • Arrange for a specialist to be there with you when starting a new research project
  • Plan a streamlined workflow to get more done in less time
  • Help bring staff up to speed quickly and effectively through remote learning packages and webinars
  • Promote the equipment in house and recruit users
  • Help with grant writing and provide backup information.
  • Custom commission your system
  • Or simply to talk through research plans.

An issue many face is that of maintaining training, with specialists often being too busy. Rely on Xstrahl learning portalhelp take the burden and train new and current users with webinars, remote learning packages, modular self-testing, and even one on one advanced training that goes well beyond where the initial training ends.

Many may prefer to start slow, using only what they initially need, and so Xstrahelp is there whenever you need it, to get the most out of any part of the system.
Xstrahelp also goes one step further by bringing the expertise of other researchers to you. With best practice guides, advice on how to best use the equipment, and research forums allow you to share ideas and develop your research efficiently and effectively.

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