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Xstrahl Medical are please to present the first in a series of posts that will share the important views and work from a number of our users.

Doctor standing next to an xstrahl 200

Using X-ray therapy at 3 Central Military Clinical Hospital named after A.A. Vishnevsky (Moscow region, Russia)

Interview with the radiotherapy department chief specialist and highest category radiologist, Dr. Anatoly Aleksandrovich Litvinov.

Q. Not long ago, your radiation therapy department received a new x-ray therapy system. Could you please tell us, how long have you been using x-ray therapy at the hospital?

Dr. Litvinov: I have been working at this hospital for 32 years, and for all this time we have been successfully using X-ray therapy. At first, we used RUM-17 system and not long ago we installed a modern Xstrahl 200 X-ray therapy system .

Q. What is the role of X-ray therapy in the hospital’s treatment process??

Dr. Litvinov: Patients are referred from the surgery department, from the polyclinic and our colleagues also come for treatment. We treat heel spurs, felons – after or before their drainage to reduce inflammation, and two to threes are enough. We often get patients referred from the surgery department as they know about the X-ray therapy modality and that it is very efficient. Sometimes we use X-ray therapy to relieve pain in acute and chronic pancreatitis patients. Not long ago I treated a patient suffering from dorsal spine pain. He had three sessions and the pain disappeared.

Q. How popular is X-ray therapy today?

Dr. Litvinov: X-ray therapy will always be in high demand as this is a cheap and effective treatment modality. And heel spurs and generative disorders will never become extinct. Patients tolerate X-ray treatment well too.

Q. How many patients a day are treated with Xstrahl 200?

Dr. Litnivov: Usually, about seven patients, sometimes more.

Q. What requirements, do you think, should modern X-ray therapy systems meet?

Dr. Litninov: Patient comfort is vital and it should also be easy to use by the doctor. That is why we are so happy with Xstrahl 200. The difference is substantial.

Q. What else matters for the successful treatment?

Dr. Litvinov: Training and exchange of experiences. There are no specialisedXx-ray therapy training courses but we need to teach younger specialists, and I myself would like to refresh my knowledge and exchange my experience with colleagues.

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