Service & Support

Service and Support

Every system in the Xstrahl range is available with full clinical and engineering support, this is further enhanced with specialist training which can be given at any time during the ownership period.

Xstrahl works closely with customers to ensure every X-ray medical system matches their individual requirements and budgets. Product sales and efficient installation are only the start of every customer relationship, Xstrahl is committed to providing customers with an unrivalled level of service that supports the continued longevity and performance of all its systems.

The Xstrahl range is built for daily and long-term use and takes advantage of superior quality construction and industrial-strength components to ensure low maintenance year after year.

Xstrahl’s international network of factory trained and clinically experienced engineering teams support over 500 medical, research and laboratory instruments worldwide. We offer a full range of service contracts and maintenance support that span comprehensive cover to just one annual inspection to suit both medical and scientific customer requirements.

In case of any issue with your system please contact us at +44 1543 688 920 or and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Xstrahl’s purpose is to help you get the most out of your equipment as possible. We know that despite having designed technologically advanced systems, the true pioneers are the operators of those systems..

Seeing the needs of a robust assistance program, Xstrahl designed the Xstrah(e)lp service. Thanks to our expert team with years of extensive knowledge based in preclinical and clinical radiation practices allows Xstrahl to be that extra pair of hands you need with advanced equipment, guiding you to achieve your experimental goals.

Unlike training packages or costly consultants, Xstrah(e)lp is there to help you with whatever you need, how you need. Xstrah(e)lp enables Xstrahl system users to contact a subject expert by phone, email, instant messenger, or schedule an online visit to support you achieve your aims.

Offering an unlimited support, you can:

  • Arrange for a specialist to be there with you when starting a new research project
  • Plan a streamlined workflow to get more done in less time
  • Help bring staff up to speed quickly and effectively through remote learning packages and webinars
  • Custom commission your system
  • Or simply to talk through research plans.

The Xstrahl Service Promise

1. Whatever the facility, from the initial planning phase, our expert engineers will be able to assess and advise on all aspects of the room preparation including access routes and logistical advice.

2. Efficient and complete installation is ensured by every Xstrahl engineer as they undertake regular manufacturing and systems training to maximize familiarity of every product right down to the individual components.

3. Responsive service minimizes clinical down time.

4. Committed to maximizing system up time in busy oncology and dermatological clinics, Xstrahl offers online technical support and training that operates regularly for customers.

Electronic Instructions for Use (IFU)

Our electronic Instructions for Use (IFU), for selected Xstrahl products to which European Regulation No. 207/2012 has been applied, can be accessed here.

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