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New Online Learning Series


A Medical Physicist’s Perspective on Superficial & Orthovoltage Radiotherapy – Thursday, May 6, 3 pm BST

In this webcast, Dr. Dominika Oborska-Kumaszyńska, a medical physicist from Cancer Centre London, offers a technical point-of-view on superficial and orthovoltage therapies. She presents on the advantages of kV vs. high-energy photon radiation and provides an overview of acceptance, commissioning, and routine quality control for these types of low-energy systems


SmART Scientific Solutions Treatment Planning Arrives on SARRP – Wednesday, March 24, 5 pm CET

For more than 10 years, the Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP) by Xstrahl has supported countless investigators in complex radiation research initiatives, transforming the way research is conducted by enabling highly conformal radiation to be delivered to preclinical models. SARRP is known for its ability to support investigators with little to no knowledge of treatment planning to easily configure sophisticated radiation delivery. Join Xstrahl, along with Patrick Granton, PhD, Frank Verhaegen, PhD, and Stefan van Hoof, PhD, from SmART Scientific Solutions as we showcase SmART-XPS, the newest addition to the Xstrahl treatment planning portfolio. SmART-XPS now supports the advanced 4π treatment delivery and the integrated Motor Variable Collimator (MVC) – only available on SARRP. See it live in action during this interactive webcast.


The SARRP irradiation platform is the first choice of researchers worldwide for translational radiation research.

*Diverse groups, including academic institutions, research hospitals, and CROs, conduct successful image-guided studies using SARRP

Superposition and Monte Carlo algorithms support comparative research.



Large RADiant by Xstrahl logo

Revolutionary Radiotherapy Treatment

The state of the art RADiant system offers combined electronic brachytherapy and superficial radiotherapy treatments using leading low energy photon technology.

Designed with the clinician and patient in mind, the RADiant system provides safe, repeatable treatment for every patient due to its unique halo ring feature. With minimal shielding requirements and dual reimbursement, the RADiant system fits perfectly into any clinic.

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