Staff Spotlight: Laura Wang, Sales and Customer Operations Specialist

At Xstrahl, we join forces with dermatologists, radiation researchers, physicists and many others to work together towards our common goal to help eradicate cancer. That’s why customer service is such an integral part of our success. We go above and beyond to help our customers achieve their goals, whether they’re caring for patients or doing important research that can result in new advancements in the fight against cancer.

Laura Wang is one of the people we count on to take care of our customers’ needs.  Laura is a Sales and Customer Operations Specialist, based in our Suwanee, GA office. Laura works with our Xstrahl team members both in the US and UK to ensure Customer Success.

What do you do at Xstrahl?

My role is unique in that I span across the Customer Success, Operations and Sales business units, and get to experience many facets of Xstrahl. Currently, my focus lies with customers requiring routine and emergency maintenance, and I track and document issues at their sites. Daily, I’m involved in process improvements on the Customer Success side of the house, as well as writing sales quotations for new products, equipment moves, and services. I appreciate the opportunity to be fully immersed in the day-to-day operations at Xstrahl.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Interactions with my colleagues in the US and across the pond are the best part of my day. Whether we are on site in the office or working remotely, there is a sense of camaraderie to reach our goal of eradicating cancer. I have a wonderful immediate line manager, and feel fully supported and empowered to do my job by our leadership team, which is incredibly motivating. Having lost a brother to cancer shortly before joining Xstrahl, I felt it was fate that I was offered a position within this amazing organization. I cannot think of any other place I’d rather work.

What’s the weirdest job you ever had before working here?

I wouldn’t say it was “weird” as much as it was quite different from what I do now, but in a former life I owned a process service and legal research business. I met a fascinating assortment of private investigators, judgement collectors and skip tracers during the time I ran my business. My company was selected to serve process on a famous murder case back in the 1990s, which was an interesting experience to say the least.

What can you be found doing outside of work?

My Siberian Husky, Jaxon is the center of my universe, so I spend a lot of time doing things with him. I also have a deep passion for cooking and baking. Over the years I’ve learned how to make my own cheese, smoke meats, sous vide and spent six weeks perfecting the art of making the perfect baguette.

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