Caesium Irradiator Replacement Project

Considerations for Caesium Irradiator Replacement

While radioactive sources play an important role in commercial, medical, and research facilities, the benefits of these sources must be balanced with sufficient security to prevent radiological materials from falling into the wrong hands.

Caesium-137 is used in medical equipment such as in last generation radiotherapy systems or irradiators. Used in most countries around the world, with hundreds in the Europe, the concerns over the dangerous radioactive isotope being used in a terrorist attack, and its safe and responsible disposable have caused issues for a long time.

Significant advancements in technology in recent years have yielded safe and effective alternative non-radioactive x-ray devices that are approved by multiple worldwide agencies. Replacing caesium-137 irradiators with these x-ray devices has both security and fiscal benefits: It requires less security and doesn’t require expensive disposal at the end of the machine’s life cycle.

Replacing your caesium irradiator with a non-radioisotopic alternative may offer your enterprise an opportunity to meet cost and throughput needs while permanently reducing security risks.

“By implementing the X-ray irradiator, we have further enhanced the safety of our testing and increased the security of our facilities. At the same time, the X-ray irradiator has enabled us to increase our throughput and has exceeded our expectations for performance and reliability.

CIX3 Customer, United States of America

Xstrahl Caesium Replacement Project

Effective security for high-activity radioactive sources, such as caesium-137, requires expertise, security systems, and compliance with additional regulatory requirements.

Thanks to the development in x-ray technology by Xstrahl over the last 20 years, viable alternatives to caesium irradiators are now available and have proven to be comparable or even more effective than cesium for both research and blood irradiation in some cases.

Benefits of non-radioisotopic irradiators include:

  • Mitigation of security risks and costs associated with caesium.
  • Elimination of the liability risk associated with caesium devices.
  • Consistent throughput over the lifetime of the device
  • Shorter irradiation time that cesium sources.

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