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July, 2016

Xstrahl officially launch the Xstrahl Learning Portal, an online educational platform providing an invaluable source of information for all clinical personnel treating patients using superficial radiotherapy. The website, formerly known as STEP, was created by leading clinical professionals and Xstrahl, a world leader in radiation therapy.

Xstrahl Learning Portal is aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge of the medical physics and clinical aspects of superficial radiotherapy, as a preferred treatment modality for skin cancer. The Xstrahl Learning Portal ensures that vital clinical practice and expert knowledge is recorded and documented for dissemination amongst healthcare professionals. The learning content has been compiled by the Xstrahl clinical advisory panel, a team of clinical and academic professionals based throughout the world. Xstrahl is the only company specialising in superficial and orthovoltage radiotherapy to provide an important learning tool such as the Xstrahl Learning Portal.

Alex Todman, Marketing Manager at Xstrahl commented on the launch, “We aim to provide an easily accessible enhanced learning experience and reference tool for medical professionals. Through this new and dynamic education tool that is geared towards different learning styles, we are taking responsibility, along with our customers, to dramatically improve the treatment of superficial skin conditions.”

Xstrahl Learning Portal follows the release of the Digital Application Training Program for Concerto. Launched earlier this year the program runs through all aspects of Xstrahl’s clinical interface software, Concerto. The new training program is accessible through an Xstrahl assigned user name and consists of self-paced learning modules. The program takes the user through all aspects of treatment using an Xstrahl System, including warm up, treatment and repeat treatments. Utilising a two-step learning method called “Show Me” and “Try Me”, the user will be provided with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to operate the Concerto software effectively. The Concerto Digital Application Training program is offered to the user at no additional cost.

Commenting on the Concerto Digital Training Program, Alex Todman said that “Xstrahl plans to significantly increase its digital offerings in the next two years. We want our users and future users to have 24/7 access to training programs and educational material. As Xstrahl evolves, we continue to design and deliver the best and most efficient ways of providing users with the tools and resources to help maximise their performance when operating our equipment. Traditional, face to face training is no longer the only channel available, which is why the investment from Xstrahl in digital learning is essential when taking part in clinical and product training now and in the future.”

Both the Xstrahl Learning Portal and the Concerto Digital Application Training Program were developed with a user-friendly interface that provides a clear, easy-to-follow experience for medical professionals. The modules are self-paced and flexible to accommodate the busy work schedules of the user.

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