Xstrahl Launches Free Online Learning Platform


April 2nd, 2019 – Xstrahl Learning Portal is the only free online learning and reference tool for future and current radiotherapy professionals, which is open to everyone

Xstrahl Medical, global leader in superficial radiotherapy devices to treat non-melanoma skin cancer and dermatological conditions, is launching its new Xstrahl Learning Portal. This comprehensive free resource provides all current and future radiotherapy professionals access to over 20 years of radiotherapy knowledge and experience from the Xstrahl clinical panel.

Constructed with clarity at its heart, the free learning platform offers a non-biased tool for radiotherapy professionals everywhere, with key learnings and experience to not only help current radiotherapy professionals worldwide, but the new generation.

“The Xstrahl Learning Portal offers unparalleled access to decades of radiotherapy knowledge from the world’s leading radiotherapy professionals, the Xstrahl clinical panel,” says Amanda Tulk, Chief Science Officer of the Xstrahl Group. “In the near future we intend to offer more modules, for Dermatologists and beyond.”

Adrian Treverton, Xstrahl Group CEO adds, “We are devoted to help eradicate cancer, which is why we’re offering the world’s best, and only, free online platform to help educate radiotherapy professionals everywhere, in an unbiased way.”

Each of the six XRad modules covers practical information, advice, and knowledge on key radiotherapy topics, with a particular focus on superficial and orthovoltage treatments, supported by over 30 years of clinical evidence and numerous case studies. Each module includes a quiz, with a final test at the end. Anyone can access the free online portal, without signup, at

About Xstrahl Group
Xstrahl is a leading designer and manufacturer of superficial orthovoltage medical X-ray systems used in the treatment of cancers and dermatological disorders. Headquartered in the UK with manufacturing facilities both in the UK and USA, Xstrahl operates globally through its international network of distributors.

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