TGFB-Beta inhibition prior to hypo fractionated radiation enhances efficacy in preclinical models



Researchers in this study focused on inhibition of TGFB using small molecule inhibitor SM16.


The SARRP was used to treat orthotopic pancreatic tumors. They used CT contrast agent, lipuodol, to precisely target the tumor within the soft tissue and deliver radiation using an arc to minimize the damage to normal tissue but deliver a full dose to the target. They delivered a 3 fractions of 8 Gy, total dose of 24 Gy using a 180 degree arc treatment with a 5 x 5 mm irradiation field.


They found that the TGFb inhibtor significantly improved outcomes but not as a result in changes in radiosensitivity or vascular function but as a result of improved long-term immunity in mice.


Young KH, Newell P, Cottam, B, Friedman D, Savage T, Baird J, Akporiaye, Gough, MJ, Crittenden MR

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