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Medical Systems

For over 20 years Xstrahl has been shaping the development of superficial and orthovoltage therapies. Responding to very real clinical need and drawing on the knowledge and expertise of healthcare professionals, we are committed to providing innovative radiotherapy solutions that deliver positive patient outcomes.

Superficial & Orthovoltage Radiotherapy for the Treatment of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer and Other Benign Conditions

Non-melanoma skin cancer is the most common cancer in the world today, with approximately 1.5 million cases in 2016—and that number is growing rapidly. While this type of cancer has a low [...]

Xstrahl in Action: Xstrahl 300 Used to Treat NMSC with Hypofractionated Radiotherapy

This study, Hypofractionated Radiotherapy in Older Patients with Non-melanoma Skin Cancer: Less is Better, explores how our Xstrahl 300 system was used to successfully treat NMSC for 3 older [...]

Xstrahl in Action: Re-excision of BCCs

Orthovoltage X-rays, as offered by the Xstrahl 300, provides an excellent alternative to re-excision for incompletely resected or recurrent BCCs Surgery is the gold standard treatment for basal [...]

Life Science Systems

Xstrahl’s pioneering X-ray research solutions have been used for delivering precise radiation doses to in vivo and in vitro biological specimens for the last 20 years. Research continues to be be pushed forward thanks to the ever increasing advancements in Xstrahl technology and the research industry.

Glioblastoma, Pancreatic and Rectal Cancer Research at University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow recently added a second SARRP research system to its translational radiation biology laboratory in the University’s Institute for Cancer Sciences. Dr. Anthony Chalmers, [...]

Advancing Translational Radiation Research with the Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP)

For more than 10 years, the Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP) has supported countless investigators in complex radiation research initiatives, transforming the way research is [...]

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