Fully integrated or standalone bioluminesence and bioluminescence tomography.


MuriGlo is an advanced in vivo optical imaging system with bioluminescence (BLI), bioluminescence tomography (BLT1) and transillumination fluorescence imaging (TFI2) capabilities. The system uses the photon emission data acquired from three rotating mirrors and a state-of-the-art 3D reconstruction engine that uses the anatomic and optical priors derived by diffuse optical tomography (DOT) and cone-beam CT (CBCT) data to yield a 3D center of mass (COM) of the target. The COM is then automatically fused with the SARRP CBCT allowing for more accurate treatment planning and targeting for lesions that are hard to identify by CBCT alone. Through recognition of highly sensitive data points throughout the specimen, MuriGlo provides accurate and reproducible optical quantitation. The versatility of the system provides the user an unprecedented range of imaging wavelengths (i.e. 450nm-800nm).

Muriglo is designed to be used on board the SARRP image guided irradiator for accurate targeting of tumors and metastasis. The unique docking design allows MuriGlo to be integrated within the SARRP or used in a standalone benchtop configuration. This dynamic configuration will extend the imaging capabilities of your lab, and increase workflow when using the SARRP in tandem.

1. NCI funded Academic-Industrial Partnership between John Hopkins  University and Xstrahl. 2. Work in progress.

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