The Xstrahl CIX3 X-ray irradiator enables safe irradiation of in vitro and in vivo biological samples within a laboratory environment.


Meeting the needs of medical and biological research, the CIX3 is a self-contained cabinet incorporating the irradiation chamber and system electronics in one enclosure. The software interface allows for multiple user logins, while X-ray exposures can be programmed and executed automatically. In addition to removing the health and safety burden associated with the use of radioactive sources, the Xstrahl CIX3 provides a safer, simpler and less costly alternative to radioisotope irradiators for radiation exposure studies.

The CIX3 X-ray research irradiator cabinet consists of:

  • Lead shielded irradiation chamber
  • Movable operator control panel with an intuitive touch screen interface
  • Beam hardening filters, which tailor the maximum depth of penetrating X-rays to suit your research
  • Unique motorised vertical movement access door, resulting in a smaller footprint and safe, easy access to specimens

Research Applications

  • Bystander effects
  • Tumour micro environment
  • Radiobiology studies
  • DNA repair mechanisms
  • Radiosensitisers
  • Abscopal effects
  • Combination therapy studies
  • Bone marrow chimera studies
  • Immunotherapy
  • Hypoxia research
  • Normal tissue toxicity
  • Low dose radiobiology studies
  • Subcutaneous tumour models

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Add Ons & Accessories

  • Additional collimators to vary irradiated size area
  • Laser alignment system for easy specimen setup
  • CCTV (camera) for internal observation of irradiation chamber during operation/exposure
  • Hypoxia gas control chamber for in-vitro studies
  • Independent dose measurement systems
  • Specimen turntable option

Bespoke Commissioning

Bespoke commissioning of the cabinet based on your research needs in order to provide the most accurate dosimetry data for your research.

Technical Specification

External: W-96cm, D-96cm, H-193.5cm

Irradiation Chamber: W-59.5 cm, D-65 cm, H-64 cm

Total Weight: Cabinet: 1,450 kg

Irradiation Table: Manual adjustment of the specimen shelf 20 cm to 70 cm FSD

Maximum Field Size: 45 cm circle at 70 cm FSD

Tube Voltage: Up to 300kV

Tube Current: Up to 30mA

Maximum Power Output: 3.2kW (broad focus for designated stability)

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The Xstrahl CIX3 r-ray irradiator enables safe irradiation of in vitro and in vivo biological samples within a laboratory environment. Check out the rest of our Life Sciences range.