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Xstrahl Group

Xstrahl, headquartered in the UK with manufacturing facilities both in the UK and USA, operates globally through its international network of distributors. Xstrahl is a leading designer and manufacturer of superficial orthovoltage medical X-ray systems used in the treatment of cancers and dermatological disorders, as well as a pioneer in the development of advanced X–Ray systems for pre-clinical radiation biology research.


Xstrahl, leading patient centered medical therapy

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For more than 20 years, the comprehensive range of Xstrahl’s superficial and orthovoltage X-ray therapy systems (Xstrahl 100, 150, 200 and 300) have reliably supported the X-ray therapy requirements of healthcare professionals and their patients in over 700 clinics around the world. Xstrahl have grown to be the leading designer and manufacturer of medical solutions that provide nonsurgical alternatives for patients with non-melanoma skin cancer. Radiation therapy can also be appropriate for the treatment of benign and palliative conditions.


Enabler of technology to advance translational medical research

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Xstrahl designs and delivers effective clinical and research solutions to advance radiation oncology. Xstrahl’s pioneering X-ray research solutions include custom cabinet irradiators that are used for delivering precise radiation doses to in vivo and in vitro biological specimens, the industry–leading Small Animal Radiation research Platform (SARRP) which enables Image Guided Micro Irradiation (IGMI™) techniques with high resolution imaging, and X–Ray calibration systems used for calibrating laboratory X-ray research systems.

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