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For over 30 years Xstrahl employees have been shaping the development of superficial and orthovoltage therapies. Responding to very real clinical need and drawing on the knowledge and expertise of healthcare professionals. We are committed to providing innovative radiotherapy solutions that deliver positive patient outcomes.

Xstrahl software solutions provides products for various stages and phases of the radiotherapy treatment procedure, from software for pre-planning, to software and systems for treatment, to data management and manipulation, and follow-up. This relationship allows clinicians to utilise patient data in the most effective way. 

The drop down menu below showcases the range of software products available to Xstrahl users.

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Concerto has been designed to provide a comprehensive yet simple workflow for the creation of your patients treatment workload. X-ray therapy is utilised for a wide range of clinical conditions, each with a unique patient prescription and treatment position, the ability to link images to each treatment field provides a clinical record of all delivered exposures.


Concerto provides a simple and easy method to recall and create new treatment fields for patients with multiple fields.

Concerto software will create a treatment report following treatment of a patient, this can be printed from within Concerto.


Software Features

  • Enables the clinician to have patient pictures alongside patient information.
  • Ability to import treatment images.
  • Capable of running multiple languages.
  • Ability to run treatment exposures and a choice of warm ups.
  • Patient informaion is stored in the system under a unique ID.
  • Each operator uses their unique user name and password to log on. Offering enhanced level of security and audit.
  • Ability to upload onto Client server or Local database.
XBridge Connectivity

XBridge offers Xstrahl users the ability to communicate with 3rd party clinical information systems, enabling data import of patient demographics and export of treatment reports, ensuring traceability throughout a patient’s treatment.

Connectivity solution via the major data interchange standards: DICOM, HL7 and GDT. Other standards can be provided on request. XBridge via the Xstrahl patient management system, Concerto, allows users to communicate with 3rd party clinical information systems. The information below describes the software and different connectivity pathways.


There are two pathways to achieve connectivity with XBridge. Concerto Direct and Concerto with XLoop Sync. For more information please download the XBridge Connectivity Brochure.


XBeam allows the user to calculate, run a protocol and export therapy plans for exposures on Xstrahl systems. Dosimetric information that has to be entered by the user is the base for the exposure calculation. The user only needs to specify depth dose data and dose rate information per combination of treatment device, applicator and filter. The resulting protocol shows all relevant information for planning. XBeam is installed locally and uses local data storage.

XBeam can integrate with XLoop by recieving the retrieved patient demographic data from XLoop to support the easy, fast and safe creation of treatment plans.

Software features

  • Password controlled user login with individual access rights.
  • Flexible customization of device, accessories and dosimetry.
  • Configuration of import and export settings, pre-set selection lists and print layout. User Interface can be set to English or German language.
  • Complete/selectable report of settings.
  • Archive of created plans and basic statistical analysis.
  • Free or template based planning.
  • Import of demographic information from XLoop.
  • XLoop supports currently DICOM Query, DICOM Modality Worklist, HL7 by file or network stream, GDT v2 and v3.
  • Patient picture can be added, including CT images.
  • Up to 4 DICOM images for protocol.
  • Patient, treatment and dosimetric details available any time during planning process.
  • Automatic electronic storage of treatment protocol.
  • Export of treatment data to the Xstrahl Clinical Interface, Concerto.