Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital, is the latest hospital to offer Single Dose Intraoperative Radiotherapy for early breast cancer
May, 2017
Single Dose Intraoperative Radiotherapy (SD-IORT) for Breast cancer treatment
May, 2017
XBEAM, Photoelectric Therapy and SARRP get displayed at ESTRO 2017
May, 2017
Xstrahl supplies Superficial Radiotherapy to the island of Cuba
April, 2017
Photoelectric Therapy and SARRP updates feature for Xstrahl at ASTRO 2016
September, 2016
NICE develops Medtech Innovation Briefing for Xstrahl distributed Xoft Axxent electronic brachytherapy system
September, 2016
Xstrahl launch E-Learning Portal
July, 2016
XBridge Connectivity showcased at DEGRO 2016
June, 2016
Xstrahl introduces XBridge to the European Market at ESTRO 2016
April, 2016
Xstrahl to Showcase Photoelectric Therapy at ASTRO 2015
October, 2015