Clinical Support: STEP Program

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Medical Overview


Xstrahl provides specialist clinical solutions to medical practitioners and their cancer and dermatology patients by offering a range of Superficial and Orthovoltage X-Ray Therapy Systems, as well as a comprehensive Superficial Therapy Educational Program (STEP) for training and support.

Xstrahl systems are the perfect solution for relieving the burden placed on linear accelerators in busy radiation oncology departments by treating skin cancers, certain types of palliative care and even providing a clear alternative to surgery for numerous types of malignant and benign skin lesions.

Medical Overview Medical Overview Medical Overview

Xstrahl 100 & 150

The Xstrahl 100 and 150 therapy systems offer a low energy option for superficial treatments of clinical indications which include:

  • basal cell carcinoma,
  • squamous cell carcinoma,
  • keloid scars,
  • dermatological conditions and
  • mycosis fungoides.

The higher energy range of the 150 enables deeper skin lesions to be treated.

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Xstrahl 200 & 300

The Xstrahl 200 and 300 therapy systems are also suitable for treating all the superficial conditions of the 100 and 150, however the additional orthovoltage capability makes them ideal to provide palliative treatments or treating benign conditions including:

  • inflammatory disorders,
  • degenerative disorders, and
  • hypertrophic disorder.

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Designed to Perform

Every system in the Xstrahl range is unobtrusive, highly maneuverable and compact in design, helping ensure every patient has a positive treatment experience. The systems can be mobile, floor/wall or ceiling-mounted to accommodate almost any clinical space, and feature ergonomically designed controls ensuring smooth adjustment and patient set-up with a flexibility which enables patients to be treated easily, rapidly and yet comfortably in any position.

System features include:

  • integrated dosimetry,
  • encoded filter and applicator recognition and
  • data connectivity.

The Xstrahl control system provides a simple, intuitive interface for both physicists and radiation therapists to assist with delivering and reviewing patient and treatment data.



All Xstrahl products have received CE marking approval for sale in Europe, clearance by FDA for sale in the U.S.A., are licensed for sale in Canada and are designed and manufactured in accordance with an ISO13485:2003 certified quality management system.