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Xstrahl have created a unique dose planning, verification and delivery system Muriplan. This intuitive system has be designed to allow all users to both plan and execute experiments. The system guides the user through step by step process to allowing them to carry out their experiments.

Muriplan is built on the same platform as the existing SARRP Treatment/Dose Planning System. Since the original TPS release in April 2012, Xstrahl has been listening to customer feedback. The user requirement to have contouring and advanced image registration tools to better delineate the tumour volume has been added into Muriplan. Along with advanced evaluations tools such as DVH and Isodose lines. Muriplan represents the very latest innovation in Small Animal Image Guided Irradiation planning.


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Muriplan Imaging Model

Muriplan’ imaging module permits users to create a CBCT and a reconstruction protocol on the fly, allowing for pre and post filtering as well as a variable voxel size.  Registration algorithms are available to fuse DICOM images to allow functional imaging or better soft tissue imaging. Muriplan’s contouring module gives the user access to multiple tools from a brush to an IntelliMap tool to create contours for organs at risk and tumour volumes.  Using this data researchers can create a plan with beams or arcs that mimic clinical geometry.

The algorithm has been specifically designed to allow fast calculation on the computers GPU*. Unlike clinical treatment planning systems it validated for use with small animals. The SARRP allows the user to treat very precise areas in small animals. The Muriplan software allows for more accurate experimentation and results. The software is fully intergrated with the SARRP machine.

The SARRP planning system allows analysis of the dose distribution through DVH’s and direct plan comparison.

Jacques R, Taylor R, Wong J, McNutt T (2010). *Towards real-time radiation therapy: GPU accelerated superposition/convolutionComput Methods Programs Biomed 98 (3). The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Baltimore, USA

Step by Step guide to the Muriplan planning system
  1. CT Acquisition - GPU based reconstruction reduces imaging time to 1min
  2. Simple Segmentation into Air, Lung, Fat, Tissue and Bone - Automatic process, can save values for different CT protocols
  3. Contouring - Includes tools for grey scale matching, paint and erase contours 
  4. Beam Planning - Set isocenters add beams and arc deliveries. Prescribe dose to each isocenter
  5. Dose Computation - GPU based calculation, 7 sec/beam
  6. Verification - Isodose lines and Dose Volume Histograms
  7. Delivery - Beam cordinates and tretment time automatically loaded into the SARRP, click OK to deliver each beam

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