BACR Tumor Microenvironment conference hosts Xstrahl Life Sciences
May, 2017
Xstrahl SARRP User Spring Symposium brings together thought leaders from around the globe
May, 2017
Unique Model Development For Precise Targeting Using SARRP
March, 2017
Characterizing Preclinical Proton Therapy With SARRP
February, 2017
Queen’s University Belfast is the latest Xstrahl User Spotlight
December, 2016
Photoelectric Therapy and SARRP updates feature for Xstrahl at ASTRO 2016
September, 2016
Validating clinical practice using SARRP; simulating clinical radiotherapy in a model mimicking spontaneous occurring NSCLC
September, 2016
Immunotherapy and SARRP; a breakthrough investigation using a clinically relevant model to yield clinically relevant data
August, 2016
Xstrahl Life Sciences introduces new SARRP and Research Cabinet publications
June, 2016
Xstrahl showcases the latest research being undertaken using SARRP and the range of Xstrahl Life Science products at ESTRO 2016
April, 2016