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If you've received our newsletter you may know about how the group from University of Washington has integrated our SARRP system with a proton beam to study targeted proton and x-ray sources on various tissue types. It’s a great new advancement in the field of cancer research and it’s the first of its kind to be able to study side by side the effects of a proton beam vs traditional X-rays. There has been a monumental growth in proton therapy for various cancer types yet surprisingly there was very little research of this therapy in animal models. Eric Ford and his group saw an opportunity to further advance their research in integrating a proton and X-ray system. So how do you decide what’s next for YOUR research? What’s the easiest way to find new ideas and research opportunities? Is it talking with clinicians or other researchers? Is it reviewing research papers in your current field? Is it attending meetings and conferences? Is it going for a walk to grab some ice cream?

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